Hello world!

Oh Hello!

It’s official, I’ve lost my mind.

Have you ever been so exhausted in life that you think what else can I juggle to make my life slightly more hectic than it already is. Whats that? That feeling isn’t a real thing? Im just crazy? Ooh makes sense. Well let me officially introduce myself. I’m Lesley, and I have many roles. Im a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a twenty something year old trying to juggle all that life has to throw at me. It’s been pretty interesting. There’s always something going on and as a result I find myself thinking how the heck do people do it? And by it I mean life. I guess what I want to say is no one is perfect and you cant compare yourself to other people otherwise you’ll go crazy! My family is a regular family, sometimes I’ll cook up a totally Instagram worthy feast and sometimes we’re having hamburger helper. My closet can be color coded one day and the next I have hampers of clean wrinkled clothes hidden out of guests sight. And that’s ok. The best part is, Ive come to realize that I’m not alone. There are millions of people that struggle everyday with time and budgets and energy. I know what youre thinking. Carol down the street has time to cook, clean, craft, exercise, volunteer, and knit tiny sweaters for baby hairless Chihuahuas. Carol’s secret? Homegirl is not sleeping. No thank you. I need sleep. And if that means the hairless Chihuahuas have to wear store bought sweaters this year instead of homemade with stitched with love sweaters so be it. Anyway I’m here and ready to go so thank you for reading and letting me ramble for no real reason!

Stay tuned for more nonsense.



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